Jackson to face opposition in Roxbury if he runs for reelection

Rufus Faulk

Community organizer Rufus Faulk used Facebook to announce his bid for the Roxbury city-council seat now held by Tito Jackson in this fall's election.

Jackson has yet to announce if he's running for reelection, running for mayor or pulling a Yancey and doing both.

Faulk, director of the Boston TenPoint Coalition's gang mediation initiative, and currently a doctoral candidate at Northeastern, unsuccessfully ran against state Rep. Gloria Fox in the 2012 and 2014 Democratic primaries.



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Running twice ...

Someone please provide more information but I believe the Boston City Council proposed forbidding a sitting councilor from running for two offices at once but it never made it to the state house for its approval?

Not that Councilor Jackson would be considering such a thing, just looking for clarification.

This was the same proposal that would have made city councilor terms 4-years in length, I believe.

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As someone who's met Rufus numerous times..

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I'm not sure he'd get my vote. He's a decent enough guy, just ahhh, don't know. Although he will run every cycle until he wins something so best of luck to him. For the record I would never vote for Tito for anything, he has a bit of an ego about him, big fish in a small pond kind of thing.

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Ego, sure, but the policy

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Ego, sure, but the policy proposals he introduced and supports are pretty solid. If I were in his district (I'm in D4) I'd vote for him. If he runs for mayor I'll be happy to.

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like you said you live in D4

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as a longtime resident and activist I can tell that Jackson's representation of the district is lackluster to say the least... his office is notorious for bad follow up and contact and what you think are policies that he put forth are actually pre-existing things that he piggy-backed on... do some more research and talk to folks/organizers in the district and not his fan club of sycophants...
not to mention he spends the majority of his money out of the district
case in point $15k to ritzy ad company in NY even though he hasnt announced and I am sure when i do the research that firm will have very little employees of color...
not to mention was there no one locally capable of pulling off an ad??? no people of color???
so he does not spend local and does not spend with people of color as a practice.
Also most of his donor base and supporters who "like" him are not from D7... the funny part is his biggest campaign to date was when he ran for at-large and he tapped out at raising $150k there is no way on earth he will be able to raise the money for a formidable campaign... he will not beat Pressley or Wu's previous takes.
Tito is a nice guy sure which is what everyone seems to focus on and completely gloss over the fact that he just aint that guy... for councillor or mayor... i dont need fun, and events and photos, i need services and tangibles for the district.
And if you cant be a good steward over a small responsibility like a district why on earth would you be given a greater responsibility for the city???

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D7 Doesn't Agree

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He beat you by overwhelming margins. You sound like a sore loser considering the overwhelming majority of his District doesn't agree with your claims judging by their vote tallies in every election he has been in.

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