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Kojak corners suspect on trailer-park roof next to Golden Banana

Man on roof

Cat on a hot tin roof, sort of. Photo by State Police.

State Police report a chase that began in Malden this morning ended in your basic Rte. 1 cliche of the sort we're going to miss once the road is completely turned into a valley of fancy condos and big-box stores.

State Police report Malden Police showed up at a local man's house around 9:30 a.m. to arrest him for something. State Police did not specify for what, but it has no bearing on the remainder of the story: The guy didn't go peacefully, instead, he jumped in a car and sped away, eventually heading onto Rte. 1 north in Saugus.

Two State Police K-9 units happened to be in the area and joined the pursuit, which continued into Lynnfield and Peabody:

The suspect vehicle turned into the parking lot of the Golden Banana strip club on Route 1 north in Peabody. The suspect bailed out of the vehicle and ran into an adjacent trailer home community, with troopers following in foot pursuit.

MSP K9 Trooper Leigha Genduso and her K9 partner Kojak located the suspect on the roof of a house.

Troopers and Malden officers set up a perimeter under the direction of MSP Sgt Mark Lynch, the patrol supervisor. Troop A Major Pat Russolillo responded and assumed command of the scene.

After a period of time and after discussion with the Malden police chief, the suspect agreed to come down from the roof of the trailer and was taken into custody without further incident.

State Police report no injuries; say the man was taken to a local hospital for observation pending arraignment on whatever the charges are.

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