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With Linehan out, three more would-be replacements organize campaigns

As expected, Edward Flynn, son of the former mayor, is taking steps to run for the District 2 City Council seat that Bill Linehan is giving up.

Flynn, a South Boston resident, filed campaign organization papers with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance on Feb. 17, two days after Linehan said he would not seek re-election for the seat, which covers South Boston, the South End, Chinatown, downtown and Bay Village.

Michael Sean Kelley, from Bay Village, meanwhile, filed his papers with the state the day before.

Last week, Corey Dinopoulos, from South Boston, registered his campaign with the state.

They join Frank Ulip, who lives downtown, and Peter Lin-Marcus of Chinatown as potential candidates for the two-year term.

Registering with the state does not mean a potential candidate will be on the September preliminary ballot - the city does not release formal petitions for city-council races until May.


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How bureaucratic can we be. People want to run for local office, so they have to prepare a formal "campaign organization" and register with the state. And they still have to register with the city after all that.

Is it any wonder we have so few people going into politics.

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Filing a form with the state is "hard"?

Short of just eliminating all requirements to get on the ballot and account for campaign financing, you're going to have to a) collect signatures to get on the ballot and b) file periodic campaign finance reports. Massachusetts is hardly unique in this regard. Yeah, maybe it's 30 seconds of irritation that you have to file financial forms with the state and get your nomination papers from the city, but, really, if you can't figure out how to do that, that might be a sign you're not yet ready to run for public office.

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I can understand your concern (complaint?) but the requirements are pretty straight-forward and relatively-easy to fulfill (speaking as someone who has run for office twice). Adam was just clarifying everything.

I hope we get more candidates for all of the other city council positions on this fall's ballots. Only D2 and D7 have candidates other than the incumbents, at this point. (As much as I love Michelle, Annissa, and Ayanna, I still hope they'll face challengers, in the interest of democracy.)

1. Fill out a one-page form with the state giving your name and address, important if you want to raise / spend money during your campaign.

All of that is public information, which I think almost all of us would agree is a good thing - we can see who has contributed money to a campaign and what that money is being spent on. (Like, dinners in Florida, not to mention any names ...)

The guys (all men!) who want to be the D2 city councilor filed now so that they can start raising (and spending) money. As Adam points out, the paperwork you file to actually run isn't made available until May.

2. Pick-up your papers from the city. In order to run for district city council you need to collect 200 signatures (less in two districts) from registered voters in your district.

Some of us might think you shouldn't have to collect any, others might say it should be higher. I don't think it's a large number - you can collect those signatures on your own by standing outside Foodies in the South End & South Boston in just a couple days.

You need to collect 1,000 signatures for city council at large, which I think is too many, and 3,000 for mayor. You're going to need some help collecting that many, but maybe you should have some support out there but some would say you should only need 500 or less. (I collected all 1,000 on my own, which was a long process, but I don't have any friends so ...)

3. The only other requirement is you'll have to file periodic reports with the state showing the money you raised / spent.

Nowadays, most banks file the information electronically so all you have to do is go in and clarify. My "treasurer" did it and it took maybe 10 minutes to do. (Partially b/c I raised so little. Lol.)

Pretty much, the time you spend with all the filings will take less time than it took to read this post ... lol

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Did they finally change the signature law?

The law (rule?) said you can only sign one person's petition to be on city council - so you could only sign for your favourite candidate. The powers that be wanted to get rid of that so yuo can sign as many candidates petitions as you wished. I can't remember if that rule has or has not been changed....

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Your signature is valid once per seat, so theoretically one can sign 5 times (once for district and four times at large). And of course you CAN sign more, but it will only count for the first candidate to turn your name in.

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(revised April 4)
Possible Cambridge City Council and Cambridge School Committee candidates for 2017... scroll down about 10+ entries at

>"Looking Ahead (revised April 4)*
Possible City Council and School Committee Candidates for 2017*
City Council Candidate .... Notes

1) Ronald Benjamin Cushing St 02138 announced, registered with OCPF
? 2) Olivia D'Ambrosio 3rd Street 02142 not announced, registered with OCPF
3) Sam Gebru Memorial Dr 02139 announced, registered with OCPF
? 4) Richard Harding Windsor St 02139 School Committee incumbent first elected in 2001, speculation he may run for City Council
? 5) Andrew King Essex St 02139 conflicting reports on whether or not a candidate

? 6) Ilan Levy Spring St 02141 ran in 2015, seems to be planning to do it again
7) Alanna Marie Mallon Maple Ave 02139 announced, registered with OCPF
? 8) Gary Mello Franklin St 02139 ran several times
? 9) Nadya Teresa Okamoto (new) Harvard Yard 02138 not announced, registered with OCPF
? 10) Sumbul Siddiqui (new) Windsor St 02141 not announced, registered with OCPF

11) Vatsady Sivongxay Kirkland St 02138 not announced, registered with OCPF, actively fundraising
? 12) Theodora Marie Skeadas Memorial Drive 02138 registered with OCPF, filed dissolution Apr 3
? 13) Nathan Taylor Thompson (new) Tremont St 02139 not announced, registered with OCPF
14) Sean Tierney Prince St 02139 announced, registered with OCPF
15) Paul Toner (new) Newman St 02140 announced, registered with OCPF

? 16) Romaine Waite Lawn St 02138 not announced, but may try again
? 17) James Williamson Jackson Pl 02140 longstanding Candidate
18) Quinton Zondervan Cardinal Madeiros Ave 02141 announced, registered with OCPF, actively fundraising

1) Dennis Benzan Pine St 02139 served 2014-15, likely to seek reelection
2) Dennis Carlone Washington St 02140 incumbent, first elected in 2013
3) Leland Cheung Garden St 02138 incumbent, first elected in 2009
4) Jan Devereux Lakeview Ave 02138 incumbent, first elected in 2015
5) Craig Kelley Saint Gerard Terr 02140 incumbent, first elected in 2005

6) Nadeem Mazen Mass. Ave 02139 incumbent, first elected in 2013
7) Marc McGovern Pleasant St 02139 incumbent, first elected in 2013
8) E. Denise Simmons Harvard St 02139 incumbent, first elected in 2001
9) Timothy J. Toomey 6th St 02141 incumbent, first elected in 1989, unclear if seeking reelection

__________ __________
>"School Committee Candidate .... Notes
? 1) Jake Crutchfield River St 01239 speculation that he may run again
2) Will MacArthur Shea Rd 02140 definitely running for School Committee

1) Mannika Bowman Reed St 02140 incumbent, first elected in 2015
2) Fran Albin Cronin Kimball Ln 02140 planning to seek reelection
3) Emily Dexter Fenno St 02138 incumbent, first elected in 2015
4) Fred Fantini Canal Park 02141 incumbent, first elected in 1981
5) Richard Harding Windsor St 02139 incumbent, first elected in 2001, speculation he may run for City Council
6) Kathleen Kelly Marie Ave 02139 incumbent, first elected in 2013
7) Patty Nolan Huron Av 02138 incumbent, first elected in 2005

>"March 24 - There are others who are likely to be candidates but who have not yet chosen to be identified as such. Please let me know of other candidates. Not all of the individuals listed above may wish to be identified as candidates, and I will be more than happy to remove those names or reclassify their status (unless I am absolutely certain they will be running!). Anyone who has filed papers with OCPF (Office of Campaign & Political Finance) is assumed to be running for City Council. - RW"

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He's one of the two people who came up with the idea of Boston 2024. Who knows what kind of BS he might come up with if he's in office?

And, yes, Corey, I hold a grudge. You people wanted to destroy my neighborhood with Boston 2024.

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as "The Committee to Elect Bill Linehan " will be collecting money for his final St Pats party - who exactly are they raising money for???

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He can donate to other candidates, to charity, he can set up some do-nothing campaign jobs and funnel the money to his relatives. The world is his oyster!

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