Little Building becomes big canvas

Emerson display

Joshua Fabian was among those who watched tonight as Emerson took the wraps off its new art display on what had just been a lot of tarp covering the Little Building at Tremont and Boylston streets as it undergoes renovation work.


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A safer Boston Theatre District and more fun!

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Someday the Boston Theatre District will be more fun for walking around and safer!

Around the Web where are the changing signs displayed high on Boston theatres also available online changing as they do?... for theatre buffs and others to display on their own screens! The Wilbur Theatre sign?... The Majestic Theatre sign?... The Wang Theatre sign?...

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Does this mean that the

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Does this mean that the scaffolding that's been up all around that corner for 100 years is now down? Used to work in that area and don't remember what it actually looks like without it.

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Nope, these images were

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Nope, these images were projected onto the plastic surrounding the scaffolding.

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How long until the NIMBYs

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How long until the NIMBYs complain that these modern light images are begriming our historic Boston Common?

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It is definitely a light projector

I walk past it daily, I work with a few Emerson students- one in the large scale media department which has some part to do with it. We all agree that it's just plain weird. It attracts a lot of attention to a building that has been under construction seemingly indefinite now? I can't help but raise the question to myself: if the fancy scaffolding were replaced in favor of something less pretty, but more functional would it speed up the overall project?

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Most functional option...


This type of scaffold (and it being enclosed with tarp) is actually the most efficient thing for this project.

The facade has some serious issues and having full scaffold allows for work at multiple levels at the same time. The tarp both reduces and debris from the work from "migrating" outside the project area and can allow for the work area to be heated so that work can continue during the winter. The heat isn't for worker comfort, but because masonry work should be done within a certain temperature range.

The scope of this project is pretty extensive and complex - I get why it took Emerson so long to do the work.

I hope that helps!

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