Little known fact: Hyde Park is what's beyond Thunderdome

Mad Max car on Hyde Park Avenue

Jake spotted Mad Max Rockatansky's Interceptor parked on Hyde Park Avenue in Cleary Square this morning.




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Crossing movies lines

Crossing movies lines here but Cabbie's quote from "Escape from New York" seems apropos, "I usually don't leave her on the Street, Snake, but this is a special occasion!"

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Gorgeous! (but the PS never made it to Thunderdome, Adam)

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The Pursuit Special crashes and burns at the end of Mad Max 2.

Max is driving the Camel Wagon (a highly modified F-150) by the start of Beyond Thunderdome.

Btw, I remember watching the original Australian print of Mad Max (not the heinous American dubb'ed version) at the Orson Welles theater back in the early 80s. What a great theater that was!

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Orson Welles

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Still miss that theater. One of the lost treasures of Cambridge.

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Can't we just...

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...get beyond Thunderdome?

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