Local journalist dies, just 43

The Herald reports the death of Jennifer Maiola, managing editor of the Boston Guardian, from breast cancer.

Maiola, who also worked at the paper's predecessor, the Courant, was known for her police reports.

Tracy Strauss, a friend from grad school, recalled her stories about riding with both police and EMTs, and added:

She loved mysteries. We'd often sit in a cafe drinking hot chocolate or tea & conjure up the backstories & relationships of the people we saw at nearby tables. Missing her dearly.



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Jennifer Maiola

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I did not know Jennifer but I did used to get the Courant at my house before its demise. Her police reports were a highlight of the week and I am not even kidding. I am a journalist too and I absolutely loved how she took something so routine as writing (or copying) a police report and crafting hilarious stories out of it. I wonder if she knew how many people enjoyed them? I often thought to myself, gee, I should email her and tell her how much I appreciate what she does. And then they closed the Courant. And now this. See folks, time is short. Tell someone you appreciate them before it is too late.

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Many Enjoyed Her Police Reporting!

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I am one of the many who enjoyed her police reports. When it was the Back Bay Courant then Boston Courant - The stories were filled with humor and clever wit.
Thank you Jennifer for the years of reading enjoyment!

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