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Locally based tech publisher shrinking

IDG, which earlier this year was acquired by a Chinese company, is laying off a sizeable number of employees, possibly more than 90 editors and reporters in newsrooms in Framingham and California.

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Does this mean dozens of tech editors will each start a hyper-local site where they live?

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I suspect most will try to stay in tech journalism (or jump to tech PR), but this Wellesley site is run by one of the Network World editors let go today (and my first boss there).

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I recall long time passing when a little Boston company, Cahners Publishing, tripled its size by buying Conover Mast in NYC. They broke out the books (a.k.a. magazines) and sent them to outposts like Chicago and Boston. Most writers were too attune to the City to move and scrambled for new jobs.

Several writers I knew went into PR. One big shot writer started at a top PR firm, hawking the likes of designer menswear and Jamaica (resorts, beer,cigars). She admitted her shame and went first to BusinessWeek and then a career at the NYT. That flack moment was her little disgrace.

Another found himself in the unfamiliar position of being hesitant to hand out or even show his new business cards to the rest of us when we met. He went from Purchasing, the biggest, richest of the trade mags, which Cahners moved to Boston, to a well paying spot. He did not want to show or say he was an editor for Solid Waste Management.

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