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Long-time Hyde Park state rep could face two opponents next year

Van Ness

Hours after Segun Idowu announced he wants to run against longtime state Rep. Angelo Scaccia next year, Hyde Park civil-rights attorney Gretchen Van Ness announced she plans to run for the 14th Suffolk seat as well.

The news could be good for Scaccia, the candidate of Hyde Park residents happy with the way things are, as the other two split the progressive vote in the Democratic primary. The district covers Hyde Park, part of Roslindale and a small part of West Roxbury. Scaccia has represented the district since 1973, except for one two-year period in the late 1970s.

Van Ness is known for her work combating race, gender, disability, and sexual orientation discrimination. She has spent much of her career fighting to protect and preserve the rights and liberties of all Massachusetts residents, and as a state Representative, Van Ness will use her experience, knowledge, and passion to represent the people of the 14th Suffolk District in the State House.

She's a past president of the Women's Bar Association and has taught at Suffolk University Law School.



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We've been needing fresh energy and Gretchen sounds like she has what it'll take to get things done, too.

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It's about time

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And Angelo wins again!

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Finally!! Some new blood!

Mickey Mouse could run and get my vote over Scaccia.

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She wants to ride the “blue wave” to defeat a Democrat.

Something tells me she is not interested in my vote, unlike the Idowu and Scaccia.

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Blue is democrat....

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is a DINO like many other pseudorepublicans in the MA house.

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And it amazes me that people decry the increasing ideological purity of the Republican Party while demanding a more ideologically pure Democratic Party.

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