Look Who's Coming To Speak at Resist Marxism: Kyle Chapman edition

Kyle Chapman, who was barred by a judge from attending protests in California, has been scheduled by organizers to speak at a protest in Boston this month. It will be his third time speaking at Boston Free Speech/Resist Marxism rallies, the other two times were May and August.

Los Angeles Times:

"Based Stickman,” the far-right figure who gained Internet notoriety for fighting anti-fascists in the streets of Berkeley earlier this year, may not participate in one of two Bay Area protests this weekend, a judge ruled Friday.

Kyle Chapman, 41, of Daly City was ordered to stay away from the Say No to Marxism rally at which he was scheduled to speak Sunday in Berkeley. The ruling came Friday morning, when Chapman appeared in an Oakland courtroom to answer felony weapons possession charges, according to Alameda County Assistant Dist. Atty. Teresa Drenick

Smoking Gun documents the ignominious record of Kyle Chapman; beat and maced anti-Trump protesters on the streets of Berkeley, thrice-convicted felon who has served three separate prison terms, jumped bail, twice violated parole; used cocaine, LSD, and meth; described by his own lawyer as having “severe psychological problems,” court records show.

Kyle Chapmen is a white supremacist who tells audiences there is a war on white people and that we will have to fight, bleed and die." Watch it for yourself in this video by the Intercept called How White Nationalism became Normal Online.

Here is a quick transcript of the speech.

Also scheduled to speak is Joey Gibson.




permit for Sunday instead

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On September 18, the group applied for a permit to host an event on Saturday, Nov. 18, at the Parkman Bandstand and accomodate up to 2,000 people. In an October 26 letter, Boston Parks Department Commissioner Christopher Cook said the permit application was denied because of the previously scheduled Camp Harbor View Citython 5K that morning on the Common.

Instead, the [Boston Parks Department] department issued organizers a permit for Sunday, Nov. 19, and said the group could seek another available date if they wanted.

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Yes, but they are holding it on the 18th anyways.

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Which is why I said it should be interesting.

In the release, Resist Marxism said that their group and others sponsoring the event “were forced to make plans without the knowledge of whether the permit would be approved” and had already made flight and hotel arrangements.

“It is too late to move the event to another day,” they said. “Therefore, the rally will be held on November 18th as planned.”

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