Lout with a dog sought for terrifying little kids on a trolley, attacking their chaperone at Lechmere

Wanted man

UPDATE: Transit Police report the suspect turned himself in.

Transit Police have issued a BOLO for a guy they say started screaming at a group of young kids and their chaperone on a Green Line trolley to Lechmere yesterday afternoon - and then physically attacked their chaperone at the station.

The victim was chaperoning/supervising 1st and 2nd grade children as they traveled on the MBTA returning from a field trip. The suspect male, who boarded at North Station, was in possession of a dog. The victim politely requested he keep the dog away from the children. The suspect male responded by shouting at the victim and using foul obscene language. This was done in the presence of the children.

The suspect also threatened to "kill" the victim and bragged of "killing people" for less. Upon arrival at Lechmere station the suspect male physically assaulted the victim and left the area towards the direction of Cambridgeside Galleria.

Police say the assault involved him "violently shoving" the woman from behind.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymoust tip to 873873.



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I typically assume

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that any townie wearing a non-local team's garb is a gangbanger. No matter what city I'm in.

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Nothing says "tough guy" like

shoving a grade-school teacher from behind.

Sorry about your tiny penis, but your inevitable jail time ain't gonna fix that.

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where was the driver of the trolley?

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What did the driver do? Couldn't s/he have called in the MBTA police so they'd be waiting for him at Lechmere? What about the other passengers? People need to step up in these kinds of situations. The guy should not have gotten away.

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Bus Loop

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If you're familiar with Lechmere Station, you'll know that this picture was taken in the bus loop. Specifically where the 69 picks up and drops off. A little too far for a station attendant.

Also, honestly its not the T employee's job to try to catch someone. That's transit police's. There's too much liability with doing that. (Similar to the reason why most store employees won't go after a shoplifter)

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What's worse - the assumption

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What's worse - the assumption that the rest of us are lazy morons, or the s/he thingy? They is perfectly acceptable for 'he or she.' It's English - it won't break if you use it.

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Gee folks,

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the red shirt, cap, dog leash is kind of a, pardon the expression, red flag. The chaperone teacher was lucky she wasn't more seriously hurt.

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You mean

Steer clear of young men who have mastered accessorizing 101?

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Could mean that the fellow is a Blood

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Although I would just directly write that. However not all gangbangers want to advertise their gang affiliation.

The colors probably mean nothing. He is a bully who feels he needs to threaten and intimidate regardless of whether he wears a shirt from the Goodwill or Brooks Brothers.

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ANYTHING YOU SEE might be SOMETHING ELSE THAT IS SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always remember - it is your DUTY as an AMERICAN to LIVE IN ABJECT TERROR BECAUSE SOMEBODY TOLD YOU TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a public service message from Conflation Nation. We issue this bulletin to keep you informed of statistically marginal possibilities without any sort of sense of proportion.

(and thanks for noting that it is far more likely that this is a d-bag in a red shirt than a member of a far away gang organization with a far larger reputation than membership)

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it's actually pretty common

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For gang blocks to use MLB gear for allegiance. But I'm sure you already knew that, or have a story to whip up.

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It's also pretty common

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For people to like teams that make another city their home. Or for people to like caps, and choose to accessorize. And for folks around here to try too hard.

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The children have learned a valuable lesson on their field trip while riding the MBTA.
Don't talk to strangers
Don't talk to gangbangers
Don't talk to drunks
Don't talk to passengers wearing ankle bracelets
Don't pet pit bulls
Don't talk to the walking dead
Don't look at perverts pulling down their pants
Do play the game "Where's Waldo the Transit cop" while riding the system see if you can find one.

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Worst ratio of riders to cops

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Worst ratio of riders to cops in the country. The T is doing absolutely nothing to retain the ones they have now, sad.

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Rule #1

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Don't make eye contact with anyone.

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children should not pet

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children should not pet unfamiliar dogs, regardless of the breed.

and people who single out pit bulls should probably spend some time with pit bulls.

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