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Lynn man charged for fatal crash on Columbus Avenue near Jackson Square; police say he was drunk

Boston Police report arresting Joseph Kayode, 32, of Lynn on a charge of homicide by motor vehicle while operating under the influence for a crash on Columbus Avenue at Heath Street on Dec. 22.

The crash, around 4:45 a.m., killed Emanuel Cabral, 56, of Boston, police say. Several other people were also injured in the two-car crash.

Innocent, etc.


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I live kinda near there and the amount of police enforcement is a joke. Cars going double the speed limit, blowing through red lights, packs of dirt bikers doing wheelies on the streets and sidewalks. The police only catch these homicidal drivers AFTER they already killed someone. And the Boston Police headquarters is just down the street!

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I drive that area multiple times a day and there are frequently people pulled over for driving offenses.

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We have no reason to believe the driver did anything before the crash that would have warranted him being pulled over. Nor do we want police monitoring a bunch of intersections 24/7. The driver took a risk (allegedly) driving drunk. This is on him, not a lack of police enforcement.

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I do live right around the corner in Roxbury and my gym is across Columbus from my house. I walk there before 6am frequently and I always know when I'm running late because right at 6 the light turns on. It's flashing red and yellow (depending on what side of the intersection you are on) before that so I can see how not paying attention and being drunk, it's easy to hit another car while speeding.

That being said, this was a terrible crash. I saw the cars that morning. Really sad for everyone.

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