Man admits to being mediocre serial bank robber

Thomas Nee, 46, yesterday pleaded guilty to robbing five Boston banks - three of which he fled from with $380 or less, the US Attorney's office reports.

Nee faces sentencing on Jan. 9 for the heists earlier this year, during which he'd give a teller a demand note.

Here are the banks he robbed and the amounts he got at each, according to the federal charges against him:

4/21. Santander Bank, Commonwealth Ave., $335.
5/5. Citizens Bank, Tremont St., $304.
5/8. Century Bank, State St., $380.
5/22. Randolph Savings Bank, School St., $5,010.
6/8. Eastern Bank, West Broadway, $2,180.

Nee was arrested in mid-June for the School Street robbery after a Brookline police officer recognized him as a past shoplifting suspect on a wanted poster distributed by the FBI.




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I guess

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that isn't where the money is anymore. Sorry Willie.

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Bank Robber

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He'll do more time for what he admitted to than any Equifax executive or anyone (no one) from the 2008 crash.

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I don't suppose there's any

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I don't suppose there's any relation to Pat Nee, of Mullen gang/Whitey Bugler fame?

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