Man charged with using weed whacker on co-worker's face in Brookline

Brookline Police report arresting a lawn-care worker on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (weed whacker):

The victim stated that while working on 12/2 at a residence on Allandale Rd. a coworker came towards him with a weed whacker. The victim stated that the weed whacker was running and his coworker thrust it towards his face striking him once before the victim knocked it away. The victim reported that the suspect then swung the weed whacker around and hit the victim on the other side of his face with the engine. At this time, a third party stepped in to subdue the suspect.






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Just as annoying as leaf blowers. Just get on your knees and pull the weeds.

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No, Bugs

Weed Whackers are not primarily used on weeds; they're mostly used to shorten grass in places a mower can't reach. Also no, they are not as annoying as leaf blowers, which are instruments of the Devil. Blowers are both noisier (especially compared to electric whackers) and more environmentally problematic, as they aerosolize whatever animal feces is lying on the ground and spray it into the air. I once returned to my car to find a fist-sized clump of moss that a landscaper's leaf blower had deposited on the roof.

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gas leafblowers are evil

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I often work from home in a fairly noisy mixed neighborhood, on a major street, and so many people on my block and adjacent blocks have landscapers come while they're not home and make noise much louder than anything else going on. Nobody uses the quiet machines like I've seen in Harvard Yard.

It's not even serving a purpose. A lot of the landscapers are just killing half an hour waving the blower around, when there's hardly any leaves. One house has 2 guys with leafblowers simultaneously, and they just circle the house. I know this because 2 heavy-duty gas leafblowers at once make enough nerve-wracking noise to wake the dead.

Not all of the landscapers are hauling leaves out, and I've often seen them blow leaves into neighboring properties, or kind of spread them out in the street or further down the sidewalk.

I want to kidnap the wealthy new property owners, make them listen to their ridiculous leafblower racket, and tell them this is what they've been been doing throughout every weekday to neighbors who work from home, hospital and restaurant shift workers who sometimes have to sleep during the day, and retirees who wanted to finish their years in their neighborhood.

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All too true

I was once a work-at-homer, in a condo complex that used landscapers, and they would show up 2 or 3 times a week making a huge racket. No part of their operations was without its howling, gas-burning device -- neither leaf collection, nor loading the leaves in a truck, nor edge trimming, nor mulch spreading -- everything was done using a gas-powered noisemaker. They are the ones who blew moss on top of my car, and turned my window sills black with blown-up dirt, and more.

Now I'm retired, and live next to a place that uses a landscaper, with all the machines. Last month, I happened to be outside when one of them started blowing the pine needles from their trees onto my lawn, and I asked him not to. He actually did blow them back. We'll see if the next guy does it. (I don't have any pine trees, and the needles kill my grass, so yeah -- get offa my lawn.)

A number of towns (mostly out west) have outlawed gas leaf blowers.

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Mr. Bunny

I invite you to come "mow" my front "lawn" with your teeth. I hear that bunnies are good at that, no? You'll have to climb a set of stairs or a retaining wall, but that's probably easier for you than it is for me to lift a mower up there. You are more than welcome to enjoy the salad bar for as long as you choose. Plenty of lady bunnies about, too.

One catch: the resident feline is a great fan of lapin tartare al fresco. Keep an eye out, and stay clear of the garden.

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What do you have? Tenth of an acre?

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