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Man hit and killed by car at northbound entrance to Tip O'Neill Tunnel

State Police are investigating how a man wound up in the tunnel, where he was fatally hit by a car around 7 p.m. Northbound traffic was backed up to Dorchester as State Police investigated the crash.

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Maybe a hostage release!?! That would suck. Double whammy.

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I saw a guy walking the tunnel Sunday evening at around 6PM. If it's the same guy, I regret not calling the cops on him, although I'm not so sure that a stern talking-to would have an effect on a guy who'd walk the length of the tunnel two nights in a row. Still, I fell victim to the "someone else will report this" mentality, which is bad, but didn't break my "don't so much as reach for your phone while driving a 4,000lb machine" rule, so... I don't know. Tragic.

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