Man shoved, choked, robbed at gunpoint in Cambridge overnight

Cambridge Police report a man walking home from Allston was robbed at gunpoint around 1:20 a.m. in the area of Flagg and Banks streets.

Police say the man noticed three guys walking towards him:

The victim was reportedly shoved onto a vehicle and put into a choke hold by one suspect, while a second suspect held a handgun to the side of his stomach. The suspects then went through the victim’s pockets, took his cell phone and wallet, and fled.



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Off-topic pet peeve

I am not a fan of this use of overnight. I know it's current newsperson language, but I find it's not better than "last night." It makes me think the poor guy was shoved, choked and robbed all night long. As in "cover the peas with water and let them soak overnight."

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That's poor comprehension

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Overnight doesn't mean all night long, it denotes a time but not length. You get length of time from the rest of the sentence.

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Sez you

From the Oxford dictionary:

For the duration of a night.
‘they refused to stay overnight’

From the Free Dictionary:

1. Lasting for, extending over, or remaining during a night: an overnight trip; an overnight guest.
2. For use over a single night or for a short journey: overnight supplies.
3. Mailed for guaranteed delivery on the next day: an overnight package.
4. Happening as if in a single night; sudden: an overnight success.
adv. (ō′vər-nīt′)
1. During or for the length of the night: Let the meat marinate overnight.
2. In or as if in the course of one night; suddenly: became a sensation overnight.

Also the Collins Dictionary, and many more.

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Something about that area

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Something about that area feels a bit dangerous, and I have a vague memory other street crimes there. What's the problem? Quiet streets combined with an easy getaway on Memorial Drive?

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I think criminals have a good

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I think criminals have a good idea of who lives around there (increasingly more graduate students and other young people -- "easy targets")

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