Man who once helped run soccer's World Cup now wants to help run a local food co-op

Harvest candidate

For the first time in some 20 years, the Harvest Co-op Markets, which has stores in Central Square and Forest Hills, is having a contested election for its board of directors - 12 candidates running for 5 open seats - which might have something to do with the co-op's currently precarious financial condition.

Among the candidates: Alexander Klosterkemper, who, before moving to Boston six months ago, spent several years in Switzerland working for FIFA, nearly seven of them as Head of the FIFA World Cup Office, helping oversee day-to-day operations of the global event and working on planning future World Cups. He currently runs a Switzerland-based events-management consulting firm.

You can read statements and bios of all 12 candidates.



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How can anyone from FIFA have a chance in hell of getting any votes for a co-op like Harvest?

Are they going to literally buy the votes from remaining illiterate people in Cambridge and JP?

And why would he want the position? Is Harvest in Amazon Whole Foods's way, and he was hired to get them out of the way? Or is this just for his CV, to put a softer line item on it, to help counterbalance that big blinking neon FIFA TOTAL CORRUPTION item?

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A few years too early for the move to FH maybe?

When all the new housing and years long construction project is done around Forrest Hills, this market might be in a good spot but I have to think the walking traffic is much worse than it was when it was right Custer St in JP. Anyways, hope they make it...

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What a

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very interesting group of candidates!

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