Massachusetts State Police would never just call you out of the blue and ask personal questions

State Police report somebody in New York got a hoax or scam call from some guy who "spoofed" the main number of their Framingham headquarters on her caller ID.

Citizens should be aware that the Massachusetts State Police will never call them seeking information. Nor would any other police department. Anyone receiving such a call should not provide any information and hang up immediately.

Suspicious calls purporting to be from MSP should be reported to our Communications Section at 508-820-2121.




But what if you caught them

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But what if you caught them covering up the embarrassing arrest report of a judge's daughter?

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Ring ring ring ring ringggg

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Yes, this has happened to me a total of 3 or 4 times!

The first time was a couple month back, and it was actually the Somerville Police Department. As I always do w/unknown numbers, I ignored it. I googled the number, saw it was SPD, and then my phone rang again. And again. I have to admit I was a bit anxious, but I haven’t set foot in Somerville in years so I didn’t answer or call back. No message was left.

Since then, I’ve gotten spoofed calls from Framingham & North Dartmouth State Police barracks. Did not even know they had a HQ in North Dartmouth as I’ve never been there.

Second time it happened I googled it & found this article from May 2017.

Recognize the calling pattern: They call aggressively, 3-4 times in a row, letting it ring to voicemail but leaving no message. Now, I would imagine that if the police were trying reach a witness or something, they’d call in a less threatening/more logical manner.

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They would pay you a visit

At least Somerville would.

About ten years ago, I was riding my bike home when I witnessed a fire suddenly flare up on a porch. A guy on the porch appeared to be tending it. I immediately pulled over and called the fire department, noting the plate number and description of the guy who had been dumping leaves and mail into the fire when he left. I then directed the firefighters to the building when they came down the hill, where they quickly extinguished what remained of the flames and pulled up the siding to make sure it wasn't going to lurk.

They didn't call me to ask questions. They showed up at my house, getting there before I did. I told my kids to let the detectives in. My older son made them tea. They took my witness statement when I got home.

If they want to talk to you, they come and see you.

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