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Medical Area coffee shop ordered shut after inspector finds workers with unwashed hands, also, rodent droppings

UPDATE: The coffee shop passed a re-inspection on Marc. 14 and was allowed to re-open.

A Boston health inspector yesterday ordered Red Barn Coffee Roasters in the Longwood Galleria shut for a series of health violations, many focused on the lack of hand washing by workers.

According to ISD records, inspectors discovered workers were not washing their hands, but even if they were, it might not have made much difference since the temperature of the "hot" water at the sink they were supposed to use never got above 40 degrees. But even if the water were hot enough, workers couldn't easily get to the sink because it was blocked by equipment.

The establishment was open and operating with no hot water. Managers need to take active managerial control and cease operation if an imminent health hazard.

Also: "There are rodent droppings in the storage area."

Red Barn can re-open after it proves workers have been trained on the importance of washing their hands, the hot water is turned on, the sink unblocked, the droppings cleaned and rodent-control measures put in place.

A health inspector shut Red Barn in 2014 for violations that also included improper hand hygiene.



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workers couldn't easily get to the skin because it was blocked by equipment

I'm guessing that should be "workers couldn't get to the SINK," unless they had equipment attached to their hands somehow.

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Thanks for catching that, fixed.

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Inspectors also cited the club for reach-in and walk-in coolers that were not properly maintained, no hot water or hand-drying device at an employee sink and more basic violations, such as employees who were not wearing hairnets while preparing food for customers.

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