Mission Hill shooting victim identified: Jose Montero was 19

Jose Montero

Friends have identified the man shot to death at Tremont and Parker streets as Jose Montero.

Among his friends: Adam Foss, a former Suffolk County assistant district attorney who now heads a criminal-justice non-profit group. Foss has set up a GoFundMe page to help Montero's family pay his funeral expenses.

It's the second GoFundMe page Foss set up this year to help Montero. In July, Foss started a page to help Montero and other young men he'd met at a Roxbury community group buy suits so they could attend a professional networking event for men of color.

Foss took the picture of Montero in his new suit that day. This week, he writes:

I remember how Jose looked when he saw himself in the tailor's mirror with this suit on. His first. He smiled and adjusted his collar and stuck out his chest. I've had the opportunity to experience that moment with lots of young people.

If I knew then that this suit we were about to buy would be the one we buried you in a few months later, I would have hugged you and said "I'm sorry." I'm sorry that as adults we have failed to protect you. That as a teenager you were able to articulate real fear about getting killed and we couldn't stop it.




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My condolences to the family

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My condolences to the family it's a shame that the a.g. doesn't inform these families about the victim of violent crime fund

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You know what's terrible and

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You know what's terrible and sad? I just thought about having my son think about applying for a life insurance policy because of this madness.

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I just can't even ...

Can't even imagine the painful hell his family is going through. My son is a month younger. His life is just starting. So sad and so horrible and so senseless.

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It starts at home ! As Tupac said (babies raising babies) we have ignorant young parents heading households , who think it’s cool to be friends with their kids! Stop blaming society when we know what we’re up against ! Yes the youth need more outlets absolutely ! Stop letting these big wigs come in and build apartments everywhere! Put up some youth centers!! And parents you know your kid is into this BS stop posting the most innocent picture !!! Sry I not sry if it sounds cold but the only thing cold is the reality of it all

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Do you know this young man was involved in gangs or crime?

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If so you should state what you know and source it so's it's credible to others. And better yet, go to the police with that information and not make anonymous comments on the internet

If not you should really STFU and not speak ill of the dead.

Absolutely shameful.

RIP young man and condolences to loved ones.

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Never ending sadness

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My heart is sick hearing about another Young man losing His life on a Mission Hill street. Boston neighborhoods need a change of culture. Millions of dollars are wasted on programs that are failing the community Boston neighborhoods have long been a place where young men have a target on their backs. So many of the youth have been fighting over turf not realizing their is a big world out there for over three decades I worked on Dorchester Ave all though My daily commute from Mission Hill to Glover’s corner became more aesthetically pleasing the root cause of the problems the Boston neighborhoods have are not being addressed
The kids need to be better educated about the world around them and need to be given the tools to succeed outside of “the community “

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