MIT building evacuated due to suspicious package

UPDATE: All clear.

MIT Police report:

A suspicious package has been reported on the third floor of Building E51. The building has been evacuated. Cambridge and MIT Police are on scene. Please stay clear of the area.



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Not just a "suspicious package" according to Reddit users


"For people who asked me what happened: A man walked into a classroom acting agitated and out of breath, refusing to answer questions but immediately left after dropping a backpack into the back of the room. Thus starting a stampede of panicked students."


"Yeah, it wasn't just a 'suspicious package'. He came in, very out of breath, sat in the back row center for several minutes (still panting). He then stood up, and walked slowly down the stairs toward the professor. Someone asked if he was ok, and he didn't answer. At that point, someone said loudly we should call security. Another person said that he left his pack at his seat. And we all ran.

"Even though nothing terrible happened, for those several confusing minutes, I honestly thought the professor was going to get shot"

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