MS-13 homeboy pleads guilty; could get 6 years and the boot out of the country


Henry "Renegado" Santos Gomez, 32, pleaded guilty Friday to involvement in a RICO enterprise, the US Attorney's office reports.

Santos, a Salvadoran national living in Revere, was a "homeboy," or full member of MS-13's MS-13’s Hollywood Loco Salvatrucha "clique," one of several MS-13 groupings in the Boston area.

He was one of 61 people swept up in raids in 2016 - and is the 21st local MS-13 member to plead guilty to federal racketeering charges. The gang has been linked to several murders, including teens suspected of belonging to rival gangs and one innocent woman standing at her window when an MS-13 member with bad aimed started shooting at some rivals in the street.

According to the US Attorney's office:

During the investigation, agents encountered Santos Gomez wearing MS-13 paraphernalia, secretly recorded conversations with Santos Gomez where he offered to provide protection to a cooperating witness who he believed was a drug dealer, and stopped Santos Gomez in the company of other MS-13 gang members.

Santos faces sentencing on Jan. 16. If the judge in the case accepts the plea deal, he will get six years in federal prison, after which he will face a deportation hearing.



It's weird

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And obviously this might just be me...but I feel like the MS-13s are more concerned on brutally murdering people and it being publically recognized than making money. There motto is "kill, rape, control" what the F is that?? Animals. Deport

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he'll be baaack!

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When you deport some of these criminals, they only wind up coming back. Multiple times. The word is that they control the fentanyl/oxy trade. Estan muy mal hombres!

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