MS-13 member admits he murdered innocent woman in Chelsea


Hector "Cuervo" Ramires admitted in federal court today that his attempt to shoot members of a rival gang on a Chelsea street in 2014 failed and that he instead killed a woman who happened to be standing at her window.

Katerin Gomez, 35, died as her three young children watched after she was shot on Oct. 18.

Under a plea deal with federal prosecutors, Ramires, a 24-year-old Honduran national, would get a 27-year sentence for Gomez's murder and for his failed attempt to kill another rival in 2014 and for armed robbery. A judge will formally sentence Ramires on Jan. 19.

Ramires was a member of MS-13's Enfermos Criminales Salvatrucha "clique." Last week, another member of that Chelsea-based group, Bryan "Chucky" Galicia Barillas, pleaded guilty to giving Ramires the gun he used to kill Gomez.

Ramires is the 22nd MS-13 member to plead guilty. Federal and local authorities arrrested 61 people in raids last year.



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Toxic masculinity

I see it more and more since a female friend of mine began regularly using the phrase.

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Or a failure of these children to man up.

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Just cutting them loose

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Interesting how in the old days when mafia people were arrested, the organization made sure they had the best mafia lawyer they could get and they fought every court case to the Nth degree. The MS-13 just sees these guys as disposable worker-bees and turns their back on them when they get arrested. Some "family". Hopefully other young people will see how the gang treats its members and realize it's a terrible road to follow.

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Totally Agree

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It's unbelievable how different modern day street gangs are. They're far less sophisticated - virtually all members end up in prison for life, if not killed. And not to mention they're total animals. They're cracked out drug dealers with guns - they don't take care of their own nor do they take care of their neighborhoods. It's sad that I'm backing the Italian Mafia right now but Black & Hispanic gangs are a friggen disgrace.

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Whitey bought (expletive) Zip Connolly. Which FBI agents are in MS-13's pocket?

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