Never mind three stripes, this is how to rep Boston


Ha! Bridge, across my back

Ha! Bridge, across my back just below my shoulder blades. I thought I could upload a photo here but it seems not.

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p.s. I totally want to see this ink!

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Less popular

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Sumner Tunnel entrance tattoo across my lower back.

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Wow.. and I thought it didn't get anymore Boston than my T tattoo. :-)

Nice Ink tho.

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That ink is a magnet

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He is bathing in ass . Chicks did the ink

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Love it.

I've seen a guy in BKs and Nappers (same guy) with the seal on his right calf and have always thought, dayum. That is dedication.

I LOVE the Zakim tattoo. I've thought about getting a Longfellow one after having (and still) working on that for the past 4 years. Not sure of the image/location. Would like a salt and pepper shaker tower, but not sure how to do it without it looking as phallic as it is. :-)

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