New and Fun Way to Explore Boston's History

This is an invitation to use Mapjunction! A free web tool for map lovers and history enthusiasts. In Mapjunction you can compare any two maps from Boston and environ history. You'll see almost 400 maps and aerial photos that are the result of combining about 3000 individual maps and aerial scans. Just move the green wand from side to side to uncover history. Move the wand up and down to change opacity, and use the side bars to pick any map, aerial or atlas to explore.

The original Mapjunction was developed 17 years ago by Bill Warner in collaboration with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Boston Public Library and the Norman B. Leventhal Map Collection, and we are now launching a completely new version based on open source tools.

Here are some cool examples of what Mapjunction can do:
1. This one clearly shows the destruction of Boston West End using aerial photos from 1952 and 1969.
2. And this 1938 aerial shows the beginning of Logan Airport while the pink area is today water coverage!

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A lot of destruction happening in between these two maps.
Sorry for keeping you hungry :)

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