New Yorkish bagels closer to arrival on Centre Street in West Roxbury; impending store named for old bagel-makers union

The bagel hole in West Roxbury left by the closing of Panera in 2015 is getting closer to being filled, with "Coming Soon" signs sprouting at 1727 Centre St. for Local 338, which promises "New York style bagels" and organic gourmet coffee in the spot that was briefly a pizza/froyo place that replaced the Upper Crust that used to be there.

The name pays homage to the union that represented bagel bakers in New York City back in the day.

West Roxbury already has two places focused on bagels - Bruegger's and Bagelville, with Exodus Bagels now cooking up its bagel batches just over the line off Belgrade Avenue in Roslindale.




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Why there

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That small section of Centre is horrible, add in the entitled dog owners picking up Fido from puppy daycare its a disaster.

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Despite the sensitivities of

Despite the sensitivities of cultural appropriation, especially that of our colonial oppressors, we welcome the opportunity to liberate some delicious kosher bagels to fuel our hungry revolution.

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