Non-descript, vacant Allston house turned into giant piece of art

House as art in Allston

Fresh coat of paint. Photo by Turlach MacDonagh.

Designboom gives us a tour of 273 Western Ave. in Allston, which a pair of Baltimore artists used as a canvas. The house in more boring days.

A different breed of house painters in Jamaica Plain.



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That's nice and all

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But hopefully it's only temporary. That house would look even better as four or six units of actual housing.

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Used to not be a house

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Zoned commercial and was the site of a decrepit foam mattress distributor or retailer. Hopefully it's a teardown so some more dense and appropriate housing can be built there, perhaps with ground floor commercial space still.

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I'd bought some foam for furniture re-work a while ago and was planning for more, in the future.

I'll have to find another foam retailer, then.

The owner made me laugh, mostly because I was prepared for gruffness from the Yelp reviews, I love shops/shop owners like that, when I know to expect tough personalities. Well, if they know their stuff, of course. If they don't and they're jerks? Nope.

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Ok, I drove by this the other day for the first time in a while and thought "Ah...a homeowner lost their mind".

Interesting to know it's actually public art instead.

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Bonnie Foam Rubber

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Anyone know what happened to the owners/business? They were there for so long.

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wondering that

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wondering that too.. Of course you know Harvard probably owns all that land so it was something to do until they turn it into something useless. I did buy foam from there before.

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