Nor'easter to dump lots of rain on us

Satellite image of impending nor'easter

The gathering storm at 10:15 a.m. From GOES-R.

Yep, a nor'easter's a-brewin' off our coast and will smack into us starting tonight - but don't worry, we're just talking rain here, not snow - although possibly 1 to 2 inches. The National Weather Service concludes:

Bullseye will pass across central and eastern areas, then will shift NE over E coastal areas Sunday morning. May see poor drainage and urban flooding in some normally prone areas.




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French Toast Alert is very versatile

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I've used it for non-winter storms in the past, but have been too lazy to unlock the trunk I have it in now -). I'd go with Blue/Guarded - from what I've read so far, yeah, it's a bit odd we're having a nor'easter, but it doesn't seem like this is anywhere near a Perfect Storm type.

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English Muffin Alert

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I stated in another thread some months back, that UHub should have an English Muffin Alert for rain storms.

Since there is a French Toast Alert for snow storms, an English Muffin Alert for rain storms makes sense.

Then, add a Scotch Broth Alert for hurricanes.

C'mon, Adam... :-)

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Scotch Broth

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Yes, it was the first food item tied to a country that I could think of at the time.

But then, since a hurricane actually swirls, how about a Cinnamon Swirl Alert for them? That makes sense.

Have various food alerts for different types of storms.

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