Not so merry Christmas for one person parked on Beacon Hill

Plow scraper

AV Morrison reports on an incident around 2 p.m. at the southeast corner of Mt Vernon and Louisburg Square:

I heard the plow truck scrapping the side of the car. And then the plower took the right tail light out! It was bent at a 90 degree angle for a few seconds before it cracked. I almost got hit by the large portion of it, which flew off towards the fence of the garden. And it was after that I took the license plate number of the plow truck guy. ... Whether he left a note for the SUV owner, I don't know.



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Mount Vernon Street - Call the cops

Louisburg Square - Call the Association.

Louisburg Square is a private street, not a public street. It is owned by the owners of the buildings fronting on the square. That is why they get to have speed bumps.

If the plow has its plow down on the Square then that person is, or should be, a contractor of the association and their number should be known.

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Interesting factoid

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Hi, I submitted this. I saw him plowing other streets before. It was incredible walking around town yesterday. Saw a guy snowboarding down Irving.

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While I agree Louisberg Sq.

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While I agree Louisberg Sq. would be aesthetically more pleasing without parked cars, it is an actual neighborhood with real residents. It's not a 'Ye Olde Boston' Disney attraction for tourists.

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I'm sure the hapless multi

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I'm sure the hapless multi-millionaire condo owners of Louisburg Sq. are grateful for your selfless efforts to rid their private street of their parked vehicles.

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So buy a place there, attend

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So buy a place there, attend an association meeting, and advocate your position.

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