Offices to become residential units on Border Street in East Boston

The Board of Appeal yesterday approved plans by the owner of 135-139 Border St. to gut what is now a three-story office building and turn the upper two floors into apartments or condos.

The board waived the lot's normal zoning requirements for both open space and parking because the building already takes up 100% of the lot with no room for either plantings or parking spaces. The attorney for owner David Shulman said the building is within a ten-minute walk of the Maverick Blue Line stop and near five bus lines.

With the approval, the building will go from one residential unit to seven.

However, the board did deny the Shulman's request to exempt him from a requirement to do something about the potential fire hazard to a neighboring building that would come from existing windows on one side of the building. The attorney said the board should exempt the windows, installed in 1977, because the new use does not increase the fire risk, but the board agreed with member Anthony Pisani that since the project is a complete gut job, it needs to be brought up to modern code. Shulman can appeal the denial to the state.




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Too many condo units being

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Too many condo units being built on Border street, a street that has always been with abundance of parking spaces has now been dwindled with a short number of public parking spaces all because of a high number of condo /apartment redevelopments.
What that block of Border street really needs now is a large 500 car parking facility. That blue building /warehouse next door from McDonalds would be a perfect fit , think about it, housing being built now on both sides of border street , where are all of the guests who visit these new buildings going to park their cars at liberty plaza parking lot or Central SQ I don't think so.

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No Needed?

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Hum so just because there are within walking distance from the T and 5 bus routes ..we have to assume that a person paying 500K for a condo won't have a car? or that they will sell it live here? I'm betting NO.
I am sure they'll have two cars!

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