Oh, now this bites: Dead train at Orient Heights

The T reports "moderate" delays outbound on the Blue Line due to a train that shows no signs of life at Orient Heights.



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Counts per line

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Hey Adam- is there any way you can track dead trains per line from all of your posts? It seems like Blue does the best, Green or Red the worst, but maybe that's just a matter of which I pay attention to. It would be interesting to have a running tally by line, kind of like the subway races they have on the scoreboard at baseball games, except in this case it's a race to the grave.

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Failures due to age

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The Blue does well because the trains are fairly new when compared to the others. Red and Orange trains are into their 30s and counting.

Orange and Red seem to quit the most on failure to get an interlock. This is a series of safety systems that won't let the train go unless you get a specific series of "OKs" regarding doors, brakes, etc.

There are similar problems associated with the commuter rail trains. Many of those locomotives and coaches have been retired as new ones come up but it will be a while before they are all replaced.

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I could, but ...

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I miss a lot of them. For example, there was a Green Line issue this evening that I didn't post about because by the time I saw the tweet about it, it was (I think) already fixed.

Possibly a better project would be to compile data from the T's Twitter feed, which has pretty much all the delays that last longer than five or ten minutes.

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