One of the Expressway shooting victims has died

Scott Stevens, Jr., 32, of East Taunton, died this afternoon at Boston Medical Center, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Stevens and his father, Scott Stevens, Sr., 54, of Raynham, were shot Sunday afternoon as they rode their motorcycles south on I-93 near Neponset Circle. His father suffered less severe injuries, police say.



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Very sad

So horrible. I hope the senior motorcyclist survives. Is there any idea why? Road rage?

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Cop told my friend it was road rage

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Not victim blaming just reporting what I heard (2nd hand.) I don't idly speculate on these types of things but I trust the sources for my info.

My friend is friendly with one of the cops who investigated this. No nonsense guy.

Cop told him the bikers were riding very aggressively in traffic and got into a beef with the shooter. Supposedly it appears it was some type of automatic weapon which was part of the reason for the X Way closure.

RIP young man and my thoughts are with the loved ones and father.

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An automatic weapon? Like a tommy gun? A friend of mine is buddies with a guy who lives on the same street as a woman who dates the guy who is investigating this and they said they're looking at Al Capone for the hit.

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You've never heard of converting a semi-auto weapon to full-auto before? Like the billions of websites that instruct you how to turn an uzi pistol into full-auto? Or something like a Beretta 93R that can fire in burst mode (and again, can be converted to full auto)?

I'm not saying it wasn't a semi-auto that's being mischaracterized. It probably is. But it's silly to think that someone says it was full-auto fire and you chide them immediately as if it had to be a tommy gun or something.

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not a joke

Thompson still makes semi and full automatic guns, and they are still showing up in Dorchester.

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Funny, joking about murder

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I guess I didn't use enough qualifiers when I stated:

Supposedly it appears it was some type of automatic weapon

Let me rephrase:

Supposedly it appeared to have been reported to a straight shooting 30 yr cop veteran that some type of automatic weapon was seen or heard.

As for victim blaming I guess I have to come out and say I'm just reporting what one of the cps heard and shared.

I personally in no way endorse gunning down anyone anywhere at any time for any reason except in dire and immediate defense of one's life.


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well i think it was the convoluted hearsay and description

and your poor use of the word

adverb: supposedly

according to what is generally assumed or believed (often used to indicate that the speaker doubts the truth of the statement).

Did you mean to say that a police officer heard from another police officer that it was some kind of automatic weapon (but that he doubts the truth of this 30 year veteran's statement?) which one has 30years in? the investigating cop or the cop he talked to that that talked to you. (Neither of which heard or saw this shooting or the driving of any of the involved vehicles). It also seems odd that you would say "appears" to be an automatic weapon, when they closed down the expressway to look for evidence. Do you mean that they found ballistic evidence that matches automatic weapons? The descriptions are vague and very subjective.

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Edited because no one cares.

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Still no reason

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Cop told him the bikers were riding very aggressively in traffic and got into a beef with the shooter.

That's no reason. And certainly not one for need of a gun. If a motorcyclist is riding aggressively, why is it your job to stop them?

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Anything is a reason for

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Anything is a reason for people who don't value life.

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Truth of the matter

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This is such bullshit. Keep your comments to yourself. My family members had just gotten onto the highway after a day of family & love. There was NO REASON that this phychopath did this to my family- Except for the fact that he hates himself and his life- and instead of hurting himself he targeted two completely awesome people who are upstanding citizens, friends & men who will unfortunately never be able to fulfill all the awesomeness that was to come. So please take your remarks Off this page as they are not the truth!

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