Parenting advice, Rozzie style

Skip bottle feeding, go straight to pizza

Checkmate Cafe on South Street in Roslindale is more than happy to dispense parenting wisdom.




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The owner is dubbed as the

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Napkin/ketchup Nazi, he keeps everything hidden behind the counter. If you order a large fry he'll literally give you two ketchup packets.

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If you need to drown your fries in ketchup

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they probably aren't very good. Although I've never quite understood the whole napkin frugality bit I've encountered at many places - it's not like they're super expensive.

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The great staff turnover

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I love their pizza, but wonder about who works there/owns the place. In the roughly 20 years that they have been open, every 3 to 5 years, every single person who works there mysteriously turns over all at once. For 5 years you'll have the same guy taking orders and the same guy making pizzas and then - poof - they are all gone, replaced by a new crew. When you ask, "What happened to the other guy?" they give you some vague answer.

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