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Pickup driver takes out pole, front yard, fence before slamming into house in Hyde Park

Pickup truck into house in Hyde Park

A man driving a pickup truck with a large propane tank in the bed plowed into the house at 102 West St. in Hyde Park shortly after 5 p.m. today.

Witnesses, who included Weaverson Ulyesse and David Pierre, said the driver seemed to have floored it when turning left onto the narrow West from the even narrower Hilton Street, ramming into and dragging a metal street-sign pole before veering onto the front lawn at 104 West - narrowly missing a car parked in front - across its driveway and through a fence at neighboring 102 West before ramming into the front door of the house.

Nobody was physically injured in the crash; the driver was taken away by police as firefighters tried to figure out if the crash had done any damage to the house's foundation.

Pickup into house in Hyde Park
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The automobile is a fact of life in modern society and fences and posts and houses just need to learn to share the road

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was the fence wearing a helmet? did the house have hi-viz and lights? These houses and fences think they own the road!

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To tell you how many single-family and triple deckers I've seen just blast right through red lights and stop signs.

As a responsible house myself who stops and signals all my turns, these other edifices make me sick.

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I'm dead. I died. Hilarious.

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