Planning to add value to your CharlieCard with some plastic today?

UPDATE, 5:45 p.m: MBTA says the problem is fixed. Break out that plastic and go wild with value.

Better make a run to the bank before you head to the T stop:

Service Alert: Credit/Debit Card sales are temporarily unavailable at all stations.


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Charlie card -ha rotsa ruck

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Ya gotta find one before you can add value.

Went to find a Charlie Card for my nephew who loves the T. Took him to park, nobody there at 9:30 am. Sign said you can get them at Kenmore so headed there. Nobody in the booth and the worker hanging around looking at the wall said "hmmm....usually someone in there" before going back to wall watching.

Finally got to government center a week or so later and found an employee hitting on some girl. Interrupted him long enough to get him to reach in and grab one off a pile in the booth and he kept on hitting on, but finally landed me a charlie card.

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