Police hunt Bruno Mars ticket scammer

Wanted for fakery at South Station

Transit Police report they are looking for a guy who sold somebody more than $250 worth of counterfeit tickets to a Bruno Mars concert.

Mars played the Garden earlier this month. The guy sold the tickets to somebody on Sept. 23 at South Station, police say.

If they alleged larceny-by-scheme guy looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous text tip to 873873.




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History lesson

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Can you even get ONE ticket for $250 these days? In the early 70s I saw all the greats and near greats for $4.50, $5.50 and $6.50 at the Music Hall (now the Boch Center, of all things), Orpheum (then known as the Aquarius), and Boston Garden. Led Zeppelin at the Tea Party and Cream at the Psychedelic Supermarket in the late 60s were even cheaper than that.

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I'm not that old

But I remember when I considered $15 to be way too much money to see Tangerine Dream at the Somerville Theater (to my regret, in later years).

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Another lesson learned

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In this particular crime I think the victim should get half the money in a criminal should get half the time. Nothing's for free don't be a dummy or desperate.

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Wow don't that dude face look like the mask anonymous

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