Police to increase presence at North End feasts after two straight weekends of rowdiness

Boston Police report they will be sending in extra officers to the Fisherman’s Feast and Saint Anthony’s Feast to try to keep a lid on the "disruptive behavior" by irresponsible people at the last two feasts.

Feast-goers should know disruptive behavior such as public drinking and fighting will not be tolerated and community members who witness such behavior are kindly asked and encouraged to call 9-1-1.



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No, standing around drinking

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No, standing around drinking wine is not what they are talking about. They are talking about hordes of suburban kids coming in via train with backpacks of booze, getting tanked up, vandalizing everything in sight and getting into fights which leave them bloodied. It is easy to be dismissive if it's not happening in your neighborhood.

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I think he means the

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I think he means the combination of drinking and fighting is disruptive.

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It's Difficult

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Because this isn't an easy thing to tame, considering the North End streets are so tiny and mostly one-ways meaning cops can really only patrol Hanover & Commercial efficiently. They just need to be more aggressive & start snatching kids up left & right and taking them into protective custody - calling their parents, because frankly, high school kids handle alcohol about as well as I handled Trump winning the election....not well.

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are you experienced?

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a lot of people lived in allston before the crazy saturday nights began. i guess things change.

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