Police: Man yanked off Red Line after he wanked on Red Line

Louis Carlos Martinez-Santamaria

Transit Police charge that as an inbound Red Line train hurtled from Broadway to South Station around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, an Everett man whipped his supposed manhood out and began rubbing it while staring at a woman sitting across from him.

Police say that the woman departed the train at South Station and alerted officers, who found Luis Carlos Martinez-Santamaria, 40, of Everett there as well and arrested him on a charge of open and gross lewdness.

Innocent, etc.



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yuck! and so common

Ladies, anyone out there never had a stranger beat off whilst looking at them? I, for one, have had this displeasure at least 3 times in my 45 years.
so gross.

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Nice Job T-Police

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Do these pervs get banned from riding the "T" after they are arrested or are they back on the trains the next day?

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How do you propose the MBTA

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How do you propose the MBTA do that exactly? Keep a running profile book of sex offenders who ride the T, train their staff to keep on the look out for each and everyone one of them into perpetuity? Staff each turnstile all hours of the day to weed out said offenders and walk the subway cars looking for them? I'm all for securing public transportation as no one should be victimized by any crime, but it isn't as simple as a ban.

For example, beside the actual operational logistics and cost, what about the equity issue? Let's say after the offender is captured, tried and sentenced, paid her dues to society and released - at what point can sex offenders return to taking public transportation to access employment, probation officer visits and basic necessities? Presumably former convict will not have access to their own vehicles and will rely on access to public transportation to hopefully transition back into mainstream society. As sex offenders they're required to register forever. Is the T going to use that record to disqualify potential riders and to what end?

I'm curious to hear the rest of your suggestions. Thanks in advanced.

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You're right

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However, if you DID ban someone for life and THEN they re-offended, you could slap them with a longer jail term. That would be the only upside to such a ban.

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Sex offenders

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As terms of their probation sex offenders can be banned from public parks, playgrounds, and schools. The MBTA transports thousands of children every day to and from schools and events so sex offenders can be banned and should be banned from riding the MBTA.

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