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Porter Square ice-cream place held up by man with gun

Cambridge ice-cream store held up

Cambridge Police say they hope somebody who sees this video can identify the man who held up the Emack & Bolio's on White Street in Porter Square shortly before 9:30 p.m. on Saturday.

According to police:

[A worker] advised responding officers that a suspect forced his way behind the counter and forced her to open the register. The suspect removed all the money, including money from the tip jar. The male suspect then fled on foot across the parking lot toward Elm Street and Somerville. Prior to robbery, she noticed a white male, approximately 50-60 years old, wearing a blue baseball hat, gray hoodie, and jeans hanging around the front of the store. During the robbery, she could see what appeared to be the handle of a gun protruding from his pants. She believed the suspect had a gun.

If he looks familiar, contact police at 617-349-3300, call the anonymous tip line at 617-349-3359 or send an anonymous tip to 847411 (begin your text with TIP650).

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It's just money and if someone is robbing you with a gun, you give him what he wants.

With that said, I wonder if, as she stood next to him while he took the money, if she thought about how she could subdue him. She didn't try, nor should she have, but if that was me I'd be thinking about where I could hit him....And with almost 100% certainty, I'd have stayed safe and just stood there.

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Guys, for reasons that shouldn't require explaining to adults, are more likely to try and fight back.

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