Rats: Brighton noodle place shut for health violations

UPDATE: The restaurant passed a re-inspection and can open again.

ISD ordered MDM Noodles, 351 Washington St., shut earlier this week for violations that included flounder and un-canned Spam not being kept cool enough, cooked lamb not being kept warm enough, a lack of adequate hand-washing facilities for workers and rat droppings on the floor of a closet at the end of the area where hot foods are prepared.

According to city records, one of hand sinks was blocked by several five-gallon buckets and had no soap; another sink had no paper towels.

The inspection, on Wednesday, also found "excessive grease buildup" on the hoods and light shields above the cooking area and "excessive buildup of food debris, food encrustments and grease" on the floor.

The restaurant can re-open after it passes another inspection.

CSV file listing the issues found (ones marked with *** are reasons for an immediate shutdown).




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Rat droppings only get two stars?

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Quite a few misspellings on that spreadsheet so I'm not sure if I misunderstood but that seemed like the most egregious violation. Other than that violations are violations but didn't seem too repulsive.

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Rat droppings on food surfaces would be bad

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On the floor, not so much.

Hot trays at 120 - very bad. Cold trays at 60F - very bad. Lack of proper hot water for dishes, handwashing facilities not complete - very bad.

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