'Read my lips' didn't work for George Bush and it didn't work for man who's made a hobby of filing lawsuits

A homeless man who has been repeatedly filing suits in state and federal court since at least 1995 had his latest suit - against some Suffolk County jail guards - dismissed by a federal judge who didn't cotton to him telling her to "read his lips" in one of his motions.

At issue was whether Friedrich Lu, who lists his address as St. Francis House downtown, had properly served the sheriff's office with a copy of his lawsuit, which alleges some guards manhandled him when he refused to stop rummaging around in a trash bin at the edge of a jail parking lot.

Lu, who paid the $400 fee for filing a federal suit, said he'd done his job by sending a copy of his complaint to the sheriff's legal counsel by certified mail. US District Court Judge Patti Harris said that wasn't good enough - she told Lu in an order that he would either have to have the guards served personally with copies at home or have a process server hand copies over to both the state Attorney General's office and either the sheriff or his attorney.

In a reply to that order, Lu wrote, in part:

Read his (plaintiff's) lips: Defendants were properly served with process, and the court's personal jurisdiction attaches.

Yeah, no, Sarris replied in an order dismissing the suit today. If you can't follow the rules, you can't keep the suit going. Still, she dismissed the suit without prejudice, which means he could try bringing it again.


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not defending this guy at all

not defending this guy at all, but maybe you missed the part where housing costs $3k a month in Boston. Not sure what he would do with the $400 he probably stole out of some drunk finance bro's wallet downtown

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not that it's anyone's business, but since you're

By on

... worried about being being panhandled *eyeroll*...

I'm pretty sure he has significant psychiatric problems, eased with meds though not completely, and is on disability. I looked through some of his cases back when he first came up on UHub, and I recall something to that effect was mentioned in a few of his hearings.

Don't have time to review his cases at the moment, but came across this deep history-- this might be his first case http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-7th-circuit/1006280.html

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