The Red Line gets delayed the most, even when the dead train's now just a ghost

There's no longer a dead train at Braintree, but its non-existence on this corporeal plane isn't stopping it from causing what the MBTA describes as "moderate" delays.




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Every day there is a delay on

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Every day there is a delay on the Red Line Nothing new What would be nice? If people getting on a packed train could take their backpacks off and move their purses(men & women). So frustrating when you do this yourself and have the ignorant & oblivious people not doing the same.

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Even worse is when you try to

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Even worse is when you try to squeeze past someone with a backpack and they give you a dirty look. It's almost like they don't realize how much extra room they're taking up. And often there are fairly empty spots in the middle of the cars, but you have to squeeze past the giant backpacks to reach them.

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