Revere robbery suspect nabbed behind the Garden

Damaged Revere cruiser

Damaged Revere cruiser near the Garden. Photo by Devil Duck.

A man wanted for a robbery on Squire Road in Revere today led police on a chase into Boston, where he was arrested behind Boston Garden, State Police report. One Revere cruiser was damaged in the pursuit.

Before he was captured, state and local police flooded the area. Trains into and out of North Station were halted to let police search the bridge over the Charles.



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That cop took that

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That cop took that directional arrow a little too literally.

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Two Revere incidents in a day!

Must be all those Boston teenagers trying to go to the beach!

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Are Revere cops allowed to

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Are Revere cops allowed to pursue into Boston? I remember there was an issue years ago about a Chelsea cop chasing someone into Eastie. It was ok to chase on foot but not in a vehicle.

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State Police vs Local Police

If he entered on a road in State Police jurisdiction, the rules might be different than if he simply crossed a city line.

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