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Riders might be uttering snarls due to a dead train near the Charles

A Red Line train came up lame at Charles/MGH outbound and now the MBTA is reporting "moderate" delays.

An Orange Line train stopped at North Station and refused to budge, but the T reports it made it budge and now things are back to normal on that liine.

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Love all your Rhyming
About failing T-timing.

It's like reading Milne's "Pooh"
About changes that are due,

Or, like reading Seuss,
About commuters drawing a 'Deuce'!

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but their subway system certainly does not

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If, for some reason, you decided to move back to Brooklyn and in turn started a website like gothamhub, how soon do you think it would be before you ran out of rhymes? I mean, that's a lot of train lines and a lot of signals, switches, and subways cars that could break down, in addition to the other problems we don't even think of (like the lady in DC who died of smoke inhalation.)

Still, we got you here and we look at what you post, so keep on doing the T rhymes.

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