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Roslindale ice-cream shop smashed into

Jimmies on Corinth Street in Roslindale Square

Chris D. surveyed the damage at Jimmies on Corinth Street, which somebody broke into overnight by smashing the front door. They took the cash register.



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On a brighter note, today is a great day to indulge in some ice cream. If you happen to be near this establishment and they're open today, drop in for a cone!

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Bunch of guys hanging out in the yard

"Whaddaya in for?"

"Murder 1"


"Caught with a ton of heroin"

"Broke into an ice cream store"

Right out of Alice's Restaurant

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-Busted the door all to pieces.

-What was the place called?



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I would like to thank everyone for their support and kindness after the breakin at jimmies ice cream.
We are waiting on the door glass and business is as usual. Your support has been overwhelming. My mission is partly to have an ice cream shop our kids grow up with and remember that "bubble gum or cotton candy flavor". That means more to me than $$$. Love you all, Donna

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