Scaffolding falls on Milk Street, BPD officer injured

Looking up at fallen scaffolding on Milk Street

Around 2 p.m. Milk Street was shut between Hawley and Washington, as AlisonTBoston shows us. WCVB reports part of the scaffolding hit an officer.


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Yesterday was scary too

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As they were putting the first section of that scaffold up, I walked by. They had no protections up anywhere and one guy about 10 feet up was KICKING a steel I-beam across the scaffold into place right up against the edge along the sidewalk where pedestrians were still being allowed to pass (myself included).

The guy on the ground next to me wearing a hard hat looks over at a woman with a baby stroller walking towards Washington on the side of the sidewalk closest to the scaffold and says "hold up" like they're playing street hockey and a car needs to get by.

I couldn't believe how cavalier they were being with their safety and ours.

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They were doing this for the

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They were doing this for the past three days hoisting stuff by rope right from the truck as high as 10 floors. I crossed the street when I saw them. They have one little section as protection for the sidewalk--not nearly wide enough if something is going to fall that far.

On Monday they knocked a stone block from the building the size of a toaster. It fell like 6 floors to the sidwewalk and they couldn't even be bothered to pick it up. It's still on the sidewalk.

This is pretty normal by construction standards the workers are just doing their thing but project manager should have known to fence in the area and close the sidewalk.

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