Scally-hating Redcoats visit Broadway station

New England Revolution - Hat Act

There's a reason the Revolution started here, it seems.



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Still Won't Work

Fans in the stands who don't get up for a corner kick.

Nerds behind the northerly end zone who never shut up because it is about them and not the match. It is like listening to the Sweet Caroline losers for 90 minutes every match.

A Trump supporter of an owner who is disinterested in the team because he didn't get his stand alone soccer stadium, let's be real, 20,000 seat concert venue, in Dot.

An owner who made the exact same mistake he did in 1996 by bypassing the local community and negotiating in secret with higher ups in government to try to get his way.

A marketing department that calls your cell phone after you attended two games and calls you repeatedly to try to get you to buy more tickets, despite me using the words "Please stop calling me".

And, with all apologies to Diego Fagundez, Lee Nguyen, Chris Tierney, and Juan Agudelo, this team is terrible. They are getting beat up by baseball scores some nights lately.

Sorry Revs. All the clever visits to South Boston with actors both as Red Coats and "Southies" (thanks NYT) won't work.

Please sell the Revs. John Henry - Make an offer, tie the team to Liverpool and I will be back.

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I don't think we should be encouraging this guy to buy anything else here. I would encourage him to buy some plane tickets and a house on the west coast.

I thought you hated sweet caroline?

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F Liverpool

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Man City

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West Ham!

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They can call them "New West Ham" or "West West Ham" or "More Westerly Ham"

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So Man Cit-Eh?

You are defending an ownership (UAE Royalty) that still stones people and exploits foreign workers in conditions and regulations that are just above slavery?

I'll take the agricultural commodities money guy, mostly self-made, any day over a team who that has an owner who got his money because of the womb in which he was gestated.

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The redcoats

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Had as much success enforcing scally hat enforcement as the Transit Police have in enforcing no smoking, fare jumping and drug dealing at Broadway station. Their uniforms look much more professional than the Transit Police who never get out of their fancy cruisers during rush hour.

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You know what they should enforce?

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The no soccer rule to rid this land of the most boring sport ever invented.

My football coach was right - communist plot to undermine the youth of America. And it worked!

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I kinda enjoy being the dumbest guy in the group when

it comes to association football. Typical lineup: the Frenchman, the Israeli, the Swede, the Brazilian, the Icelander and me, and me going, "Uhhh, everyone's cheering. What was awesome about the play, again?" They are very patient with me, glad to help a Yank who wants to learn. Still can't grok the offside rule. But it's always a great morning or afternoon at the pub for me and the boys.

Been to a couple of failed attempts by the Revs to advance in the post-season at Foxboro, half the seats covered over: really fun, despite the outcome.

I didn't get it at all for a long time, still mostly don't get it, but I'm way past my old sense that it's a dull game. I imagine it's like any sport: if you played it as a kid, which I didn't, it's more meaningful in itself. Watching the children of my friends in the neighborhood play youth soccer is also a joy. One kid who calls me Uncle Slim and is a sub-average baseball player, hampered a bit by his small size, is a killer on the pitch: speedy, crafty, aggressive, a great shooter who makes his teammates better with unselfish, canny passing.

I like to remember that I've made baseball a lot more enjoyable for many foreign-born friends, and more than a few obviously-confused strangers sitting near me at Fenway, just by explaining the strike zone, which is impossible for the uninitiated to grasp just by watching the game live.

It's like music: reggae, opera, country, hip-hop, electronica, jazz and hardcore can seem boring and same-y until you dig into them, and then you realize each has a richness and depth you didn't appreciate when all you gave them was a superficial skim.

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In reality

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I believe To each his own.

As you say, if you played it as a kid... which is why I love to watch golf. Granted, I'll be the first to admit it's not exciting until maybe the very end, I just appreciate whst they can do with a stick and a ball.

My main beef with soccer is not the low score (best 2 baseball games I've been to were 1-0 affairs and the sox lost both). It's that 70-80% of the game where there is no realistic chance to score. Most other sports, a close game can turn on a dime. In soccer, a 3-0 game is a blowout..

Sounds like the best part for you is the indoor tailgate party. That does sound like fun.

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