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Search in West Roxbury woods for woman last seen in Dorchester ten years ago

Felicia McGuyer

NECN reports two days worth of digging in the woods of Stony Brook Reservation is for evidence related to the 2007 disappearance of Felicia McGuyer.

McGuyer, at the time 32, was last seen on Roxton Street in Dorchester on Oct. 7, 2007. She had a ten-year-old son. Boston Police first went public with her disappearance in 2013 - several months after police found a South Boston woman's body on the Hyde Park side of the 475-acre forest.



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We saw people dressed in hazmat suits going into the woods across from Smithfield the day this happened and wondered it it was related or a separate incident? (Were they just seriously expanding the search peramiters perhaps?)

We’ve also heard (from a resident who heard it from a local West Roxbury news station) it might be related to a 1979 murder?

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