A self-guided nerd tour of the Boston area

Joe Kinsella has put together a list of key spots for anybody interested in the history of technology innovation in the Boston area (with side excursions out to Auburn for the site of the first rocket launch and the Cape for the first wireless transatlantic transmission).




As usual these days, 'tech'

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As usual these days, 'tech' suffers from recentism. For a start, I would add the first North American use of kites to study the atmosphere at the Blue Hills Meteorological station. And Telegraph Hill in South Boston was part of one of the first semaphore telegraph systems in the country.

Then again, it's his list.

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Sylvester Roper invented the steam velocipede in Roxbury

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That's the precursor to the modern motorcycle. There's some difficulty figuring out whether he beat the French to it or not, but I prefer to believe it was invented here. 299 Eustis St in Roxbury.

And not exactly an invention, but the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham is worth a visit for any tech geek.

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