Several Haymarket RMV workers to plead guilty to fake-ID scheme

Four former employees at the Haymarket RMV branch and an accomplice are agreeing to plead guilty to charges they worked with two other people to issue licenses to people they knew were using fake papers, the US Attorney's office reports.

A sixth person remains facing possible trial.

Evelyn Medina, 56, Annette Gracia, 37, David Brimage, 46, and Bivian Yohanny Brea, 41, all of Boston, and Kimberly Jordan, 33, of Randolph all agreed to plead guilty to to one count of producing without lawful authority an identification document or a false identification document. All but Brea worked at the Registry. Angel Miguel Beltre Tejada, 32, a Dominican national living in Jamaica Plain, is also charged.

Investigators began looking at them in October, 2015, after receiving an anonymous tip:

Tejeda and Brea would obtain identification documents belonging to United States citizens in Puerto Rico and sell them to clients who were seeking legitimate identities in Massachusetts. These clients included illegal aliens, individuals who were previously deported, and an individual who admitted to previously facing drug charges. Tejeda would receive several hundred dollars in cash each time he sold identification documents. Brea received up to $2,700 per identity for her role in the scheme, which included helping clients obtain the documents and facilitating their acquisition of Massachusetts identity documents.

Typically, Brea and the client brought the stolen identities to the Haymarket RMV, where Medina, Gracia, Jordan, and/or Brimage would accept hundreds of dollars in cash to illegally issue authentic RMV documents, including Massachusetts licenses and ID cards. The clerks also accepted bribes to use the RMV’s system to run queries, including Social Security number audits, to confirm that the identities the clients were stealing actually belonged to verifiable individuals.

If a federal judge accepts the plea deals, Medina will get 15 months in federal prison, Gracia a year and a day and Jordan and Brimage eight months each, the US Attorney's office reports. Brea, who has entered a non-binding plea agreement, faces a sentence of up to 15 years. Tejada faces up to two years if convicted - plus deportation to the Dominican Republic.




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One count each?

So do they have any idea how many were made?

Hey, at least they're not doing stickers...

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They will be making license plates.

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Eh I actually think they are

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Eh I actually think they are pretty reasonable. Dumb people will always do dumb things.

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nothing new

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The Feds have been telling Mass for YEARS to revamp the way it issues ID's.

Massachusetts, in order to comply with the law, must meet a list of benchmarks when issuing licenses that include checking a person’s legal status, retaining images, and establishing background checks for employees with access to sensitive information. The standards aim to prevent fraud and enhance safety.

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