Silver Line not on time; dead bus gets it a rhyme

What do you call a Silver Line tunnel with a dead bus in it? A mess. The MBTA reports "moderate" delays on the SL1 and SL2 due to a bus that died between Courthouse and South Station.

UPDATE: The delays were increased to the dreaded "severe" and the T is now running the buses on the street.



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Color mapping?...

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uh moderate?

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If announcing that everyone on the platform needs to seek alternate forms of transportation "moderate," then ya sure, but it's really like the silver line is currently shut down.

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Tough tunnel to get a tow truck into! What a mess if you are trying to get to the airport. In the wacky world of the MBTA is this considered a minor or moderate delay?

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A "severe" delay is when it'll be shut down for a month or more. Anything less is "moderate."

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Surface running

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the T is now running the buses on the street.

Oh, so the buses are going to be faster.

If the T had its shit together, buses to the airport would load on Summer Street and proceed east in a bus lane to Pumphouse with a stop at the Convention Center, take a left and then a left on the Haul Road, a right by the police barracks, and descend in to the tunnel via the Silver Line ramp there the State Police/MassDOT won't let them use (5 minutes). From there, it's 4 minutes to Terminal A in the tunnel (unless there's traffic). The current Silver Line schedule via the D Street light and the loop-the-loop takes 15 minutes.

(Coming back: left on Congress out of the tunnel. Or if you build a new ramp by the MassDOT building south of Kneeland Street you could bring buses straight on to Atlantic Avenue.)

Use the Silver Line tunnel for SL2 and SLW buses to feed the Seaport. Run the airport and eventual Chelsea service on the surface in a bus lane. (Bonus: the 7 bus gets a bus lane, too.)

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Almost agree

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Except perm BRT is needed on Summer anyways along with the SL. I say this every time I hear about that awful gondola developers are pitching.

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